Forget Your Cares and Woes

From Australian Traditional Music Tunes

T:Forget Your Cares and Woes
% NFF Book 2015
S:collected from Frank Kenning, Corrimal, NSW
S:No Such Thing tune book, 2nd edn, p21
O:Australia, NSW, Corrimal
R:Set Tune
N:For the Berlin Polka
DE|"D"F2A2 "A7"F3E|"D"D6FA|d2dd d2c2|"G"B6Bc|d2dd d3A|"A7"c2B2 "G"B2BB|"D"A2A2 G2F2|"A7"E6DE|
"D"F2A2 "A7"F3E|"D"D6FA|d2dd d2c2|"G"B6Bc|d2dd d3A|"A7"c2B2 "G"B2BB|"D"A2A2 "A7"G2E2|"D"D8||

Forget Your Cares and Woes - played by Greg O'Leary

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