Dancing in the Dirt

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T:Dancing in the Dirt
% NFF Book 2017
S:collected from Ma Seal, Kimba, SA
S:John Meredith Collection, NLA TRC 2222/382, 26 August 1989
Z:transcribed by Ingrid Wangel
H:This is a version of the "Boston Two Step", by Luke Cavendish Everett,
H:published in 1908.
O:Australia, SA, Kimba
|"G"BGD B,DG|A2GB,2G|"D7"FED E2c|"C"E3-E2D|"D7"cAF DFc|B2A C2D|"D"FAF EDC|"G"B,DGB2A|
"G"BGD B,DG|A2GB,2G|"D7"FEDc2A|"C"E3-E2E|cBA GFE|"D"FAFA,2B,|"D7"CD2B2A|"G"G6||
"G"BB,C DEF|G2AB3|BABc3|"C"E6|"D7"AcA GBG|FAFE3|"D"F2FE2D|"C"E2B, "G"D3|
"G"GB,C DEF|G2FB,3|BAB e2d|"C"c3-c2A|EDE "D7"cAF|"G"DED dBG|"D"FEDB2A|"G"G6||

Dancing in the Dirt - played by Greg O'Leary

Additional Information

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