Girls of Ivory

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T:Girls of Ivory
T:Girls of Ivy
% NFF Book 2016
S:collected from Harry Cotter
S:collected by Dave de Hugard
Z:converted to abc by Ray Mulligan
H:This is the story as I know it: late in the afternoon or early evening
H:at Binalong, Harry Cotter heard the tune from across the creek as he
H:rode his way home. The music was being played by Ivy's daughters. And
H:Harry ended up marrying one of the girls - Vera. I remember Harry
H:playing it so well - just a great tune. I stayed with Harry & Vera in
H:the early 1980s with a friend Pete Duggan at Binalong. We had been
H:traveling all day and were tired but we recorded Harry & Vera (on
H:fiddle) but eventually we had to go to bed. They played for ages, long
H:after I went to sleep and were just enjoying the music and each
H:other's company. There are many interesting variants of the tune around
H:the country as you are aware. Anyway got to go, -- Dave de Hugard
N:This tune is related to "The Glasgow Highlanders"
O:Australia, NSW, Binalong
F2G|"D"AFAd2A|"G"BGB"A"c2B|"D"ABAd2e|f3fef|"A"g2e"D"f2d|"A7"e3e2d|cec BcB|"D"A3F2G|
"D"AFAd2A|"G"BGB"A"c2B|"D"ABAd2e|f3fef|"A"g2e"D"f2d|"A7"e3e2d|cec ABc|"D"d3f2g||
"D"a3"A7"g3|"D"f3f2e|d2fe2d|"G"B3-Bef|"A7"g3"D"f3|"A7"e3e2d|cec BcB|"D"A3f2g|
"D"a3"A7"g3|"D"f3f2e|d2fe2d|"G"B3-Bef|"A7"g3"D"f3|"A7"e3e2d|cec ABc|"D"d3||

Girls of Ivory - played by Greg O'Leary

Additional Information

Additional information may be available on the following people or organisations associated with the collection of this tune:
| Dave de Hugard | Harry Cotter | Ray Mulligan |