Jacko's 2nd Kiama Hornpipe

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T:Jacko's 2nd Kiama Hornpipe
% NFF Book 2013
S:from the playing of Jack Kevans
Z:transcribed by Greg O'Leary
O:Australia, NSW, Northern Rivers
R:Step Dance
E2|:"D"AF Adf2d2|"G"(3BcB GBg2e2|"A7"c2BA ag Bc|"D"de fdA2AF|
"D"A,D Fdf2d2|"Em"(3BcB BGg2e2|"A7"(3cdc BA ag Bc|"D"de "A7"fe "D"d2 (3BcB:|
|:"D"Aa fdA2^A2|"G"Bb geB2=c2|"A7"c2BA ag Bc|"D"df dBA2FG|
"D"Aa fdA2^A2|"G"Bb geB2=c2|"A7"(3BcB BA ag Bc|"D"d2"A7"f2"D"d2FG||
"D"Aa fd Aa fd|"G"db geB2=c2|"A7"(3cdc BA ag Bc|"D"de fdA2FG|
"D"Aa fd Aa fd|"G"db geB2=c2|"A7"(3cdc BA ag Bc|"D"d2"A7"f2"D"d2z2:|

Jacko's 2nd Kiama Hornpipe - played by Greg O'Leary

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