Jenny Lind

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T:Jenny Lind
% NFF Book 2017
C:Anton Wallerstein, C1850
S:collected from Joe Yates, Sofala, NSW
S:collected by Chris Sullivan & Mark Rummery
Z:transcribed by Mark Rummery, 1997
H:Chris Sullivan & Mark Rummery presented this tune at a NFF Masterclass in 1997
H:Wikipedia records that the tune was composed by Anton Wallerstein around 1850
N:Another version of this tune, "George Large's Polka",
N:was collected from Orley Benson, Mudgee, NSW
O:Australia, NSW, Sofala
"G"Bd "D7"^ce|"G"db b/a/b/g/|"D7"ca a/g/a/g/|"G" Bd gd/c/|Bd "D7"^ce|"G"db b/a/b/g/|"D7"ca a>f|"G"gg gz|
"G"gf "D7"e/d/e|"G"dB D/G/B/d/|"D7"cA D/F/A/c/|"G"BG G/F/G|gf "D7"e/d/e|"G"dB D/G/B/d/|"D7"cA D(3D/E/F/|"G"GG Gz||

Jenny Lind - played by Greg O'Leary

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