Lawrie Cobley's Cattle Lullaby

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T:Lawrie Cobley's Cattle Lullaby
T:Watching the Cattle
% NFF Book 2007
S:collected from Lawry Cobley, Bawden's Bridge, NSW
S:collected by Dave de Hugard
Z:transcribed by Dave de Hugard
H:A cattle camp lullaby that cycles endlessly
N:Lawry Cobley was a fiddler & accordianist who lived at Bawden's Bridge
N:via Grafton NSW. He was recorded 1996/97.
O:Australia, NSW, Bawden's Bridge
EF|:"A"A4 (3ABA|FE3A2|"E"B4 {cB} AB|"A"ce3ec|
ce3ef|e2c2A2|1"B7"cB3Bc|"E"B4:|2"E7       D.C."c3B 3(3BcB:|3 "Fin"A4|

Lawrie Cobley's Cattle Lullaby - played by Greg O'Leary

Additional Information

Additional information may be available on the following people or organisations associated with the collection of this tune:
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