Mountain Belle Schottische (The)

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T:The Mountain Belle Schottische
% NFF Book 2015
C:Charles Kinkel, Published 1854
S:collected from Lola Wright, Maroundah, NSW
Z:transcribed & arranged by Alan Musgrove
H:This tune was collected from a number of informants in Australia.
H:Alan Scott collected it from Sally Sloane and again from Mr MacMillan.
H:Alan Musgrove collected a version from Lola Wright and another from Frank Forde
H:Peter Ellis collected it from Maurie Gervasoni as the Gervasoni Schottische No 2 and
H:also from Harry McQueen as "White Pipe Clay is the Best Pipe Clay"
O:Australia, NSW, Maroundah
((3ABc)|"D"d2 F2A2((3ABA)|"A7"G2C2E2 e>f|"Em"g>f e>d "A7"c>B A>G|"D"((3FG^G) A>B "A7"A2 ((3ABc)|
"D"d2 F2A2 ((3ABA)|"A7"G2C2E2 e>f|"Em" g>f e>d "A7"c>A B>c|"D"d2d2d2 A>G||
"D"F2A2d2e2|"A7"d2c>Bc2E>F|"G"G2B2B2c2|"A7"B2A>G A>G F>G|

The Mountain Belle Schottische - played by Greg O'Leary

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