Native Land Waltz

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T:Native Land Waltz
% NFF Book 2016
S:collected from Kath McCaughey
S:collected by Dave de Hugard, 1987
N:Australian National Library
Z:converted to abc by Ray Mulligan
H:"Hi Ray, I have known the tune that you sent for many years. I heard it
H:from Clem O'Neale in the 1970s. He came from Ironbarks (now called
H:Stewart Town). The tune came from his father (Hughie O'Neale) who was a
H:shearer. He would bring back new tunes that he would play on his concertina
H:after being 'up river' shearing. This variant of 'A Hut in My Own Native
H:Land' has always been one of my favourites. The poetic model of the song
H:I have located as you may be aware. ('A probable primary or secondary
H:source of the tune for the 1st part of a number of Australian versions.
H:It only has one part. This may account for interesting thing that many of
H:the variants have different 2nd parts. I drew, partly unconsciously, on
H:the tune ('Hughies') for a song 'Magpie Morning' ('By the Creek where
H:the Tall Gum Trees Stand').
H:The interesting thing about the song ('A Hut in Our Own Native Land') is
H:that it is a significant cultural statement of an Australian identity
H:as distinct from lamenting or praising ones 'homeland' overseas,
H:wherever that might have been. It arose out of the 'Free Selection Act'
H:of 1861. All the best Dave de Hugard
O:Australia, NSW, Grafton
|"D"D3 F A2|"G"G2 B2 cB|"D"A2 d3 e|f6|g2 f3e|"A"d2 c2 B2|A3B AG|"D"F4 (3EFE|
D2 F3 A|"G"G2 B2 cB|"D"A2 d3e|"Bm"f6|"G"(3gag f3e|"A"(3ded c2 B2|A2 fA eA|"D"d4Ad||
|:"D"f3Adf|"A"e3Ace|"Bm"d3FAd|"A"c3B A2|"G"B4 c2|1"D"d6|"Em"e4 f2|"A" e4de:|2"G"d4cB|"A"A2 f2 e2|"D"d4||

Native Land Waltz - played by Greg O'Leary

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