Old Pipe Trick (The)

From Australian Traditional Music Tunes

T:The Old Pipe Trick
% NFF Book 2013
N:Pipe trick Fragment 2
S:collected from Joe Cashmere
B:John Meredith collection, NLA. http://nla.gov.au/nla.oh-vn1578912
Z:transcribed by Greg O'Leary
S:Mister Joe, pg 41, Pioneer Performer Series, ISBN 1 875647 08 2
N:The Old Pipe Trick refers to the fiddler's trick of placing a (smoking-type)
N:pipe under the strings behind the bridge. It creates a vibration and, with
N:your imagination turned on, it sounds like bagpipes.
O:Australia, NSW, Hillston
|:"A"e<AA2A2a>f|e<AA2"G"B/c/B/A/ d>f|"A"e<AA2e<A a>f|e<d "G"B>d "A"c>A A>f|
e<AA2e<A a>f|e<AA2"G"B/c/B/A/ d>f|"A"e<AA2e<A a>f|e<d "G"B>d "A"c>A A>f|
"A"a/b/a/e/ c<e f/g/f/e/ c<e|a/b/a/f/ e>c "G"d>BB2|"A"a/b/a/e/ c<e e/f/e/c/ a>f|e>d "G"B>d "A"c>AA2|
"A"a/b/a/e/ c<e f/g/f/e/ c<e|a>e e>c "G"d<BB2|"A"a>e c<e e/f/e/c/ a>f|e>d "G"B>d "A"c<AA2:|
|:"A"e<cc2e>c "G"d>f|"A"e<AA2 "G"B/c/B/A/ d>f|"A"e<AA2 e<A "G"d>f|e>d B>d "A"c<A A>f|
"A"e<AA2e<A "G"d>f|"A"e<AA2 "G"B>A d>f|"A"e<AA2 e<A a>f|e/f/e/c/"G" B>d "A"c<AA2:|

The Old Pipe Trick - played by Greg O'Leary

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