Spanish Cavalier (The)

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T:The Spanish Cavalier
% NFF Book 2013
S:collected by Peter Ellis
N:A Barn dance from the original sheet music. This tune was used for the parody
N:"Where's Your License" by Bendigo's 'Colonial Minstrel' Charles Thatcher, Circa 1855
D2||"G"D>B B>^AB3 G/G/|"C"E2c>B c3E|"D7"D2F>Ae2d>^c|"G"d4B2zB|
d2 G>B"G7"d3d/d/|"C"e2c>A"Am"E3E|"D7"D>D F>A d>^c =c>F|A4"G"G2D2||
D2B2B3G|"C"E2c>B "Am"c4|"D7"D2F>Ae2 "G"d>"G0"^c|"G"d4B4|
d2G>Bd3d|"Am"e2c>A E3E|"D7"D2F>A d>^c =c>A|A4"G"G2||

The Spanish Cavalier - played by Greg O'Leary

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