Tickets Please

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T:Tickets Please
% NFF Book 2013
S:collected from the Nariel Band, Vic
S:collected by Peter Ellis, 'Music Makes Me Smile', 1998
N:adjusted to a 40 bar set for 1st Fig Alberts or First Set, or as a ninpins quadrille tune
S:Peter Ellis, "The Waltz, the Polka and all Kinds of Music", Victorian Folk Music Club Inc., 2007, p36
O:Australia, Vic, Nariel
a|:"G"b2"D7"a2|"G"g3d|"D7"f>f ed|f3d|f>f ed|"G"g2-ga|
b2"D7"a2|"G"g3d|"D7"f>f ed|f3d|f>f ed|"G"g2-g"fine"c||
||"G"Bd dd|ed dc|Bd ga|g3f/g/|"C"ag fe/e/|"G"edd2|"Am"ed cA|"G"B3A|
"G"Bd dd|ed dc|Bd ga|g4|"C"ag fe/e/|"G"ed dd|"Am"e2"D7"f2|"D.C. al fine""G"g3a:|

Tickets Please - played by Greg O'Leary

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