Walk Around (The)

From Australian Traditional Music Tunes

T:The Walk Around
T:Hills of Glenorchy
% NFF Book 2009
S:collected from Stan Treacy, Limerick, NSW
S:collected by Brad Tate
B:Brad Tate, Down and Outback, p69, Pobinjay, 1988
Z:converted to abc by John Furlonger
N:used for the 1st Set
N:the march figure of the First Set
O:Australia, NSW, Limerick
cd|:"Am"e2A AGA|ede gfe|"G"d2 G GFG|BGB dBd|"Am"e2 A AGA|ede gfe|"G"dge dcB|1 "Am"A3 Acd:|2 "Am"A3 A3||
|:"Am"aba age|aga b2 a|"G"gag ged|ede g2 e|"Am"aba age|aga b2 a|"G"gfg edB|"Am"A3 A3:|

The Walk Around - played by Greg O'Leary

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