NFF Book 2007 Tunes

Listed below are recordings of each of the tunes from the "NFF Book 2007", played by Greg O'Leary (unless tagged otherwise). Each tune has a link to the mp3 file on the name, and an inline audio player for that tune (provided you have a recent browser with support for this).

1. Ashby Galop (notation)

2. Bert Jamieson's Set Tune No.1 (notation)

3. Can A Monkey Climb A Tree (notation)

4. Frank Collins' Step Tune (notation)

5. Jessica's Mountain (notation)

6. Jim Seymour's Set Tune (notation)

7. Le A Le A La (notation)

8. Ma Seal's Set Tune (notation)

9. Rolling (notation)

10. Coming Down the Mountain (notation)

11. Fair Land Of Poland (notation)

12. George Large's 1st Stepdance (notation)

13. George Large's 2nd Stepdance (notation)

14. Her Golden Hair Hung Down Her Neck (notation)

15. Hey Little Hen (notation)

16. Ivy's Spoon Duet (notation)

17. Jack's The Lad (notation)

18. Joe Yates Hilo Reel (notation)

19. One Wet Afternoon (notation)

20. Stan Treacy's Set Tune No 1 (notation)

21. Stan Treacy's Set Tune No 2 (notation)

22. Bowral Jig (notation)

23. Charlie Kyle's No 10 Jig (notation)

24. Charlie Kyle's No 20 Jig (notation)

25. Fiddler Joe (notation)

26. Muttonbirders Jig (notation)

27. Poly Milk the Cow (notation)

28. Rita Baker's 3rd Jig (notation)

29. The Dancing Dustman (notation)

30. Peter Mollerson's Hambo (notation)

31. Lanky Long Legs Mazurka (notation)

32. Paddy Godden's Mazurka (notation)

33. Dave Barkla's Polka Mazurka (notation)

34. Charlie Kyle's No 15 Polka (notation)

35. Charlie Kyle's No 16 Polka (notation)

36. Fair Go Polka (notation)

37. Jim Hibbertson's Set Tune (notation)

38. Jolly Blacksmith Polka (notation)

39. Pied Butcher Bird Polka (notation)

40. Stan Treacy's Polka (notation)

41. Auntie Doris's Schottische (notation)

42. Bert Hohn's Shottische (notation)

43. Bill Hohn's Schottis No 1 (notation)

44. Bill Staatz's Shottis, (notation)

45. Billy Bowden's (notation)

46. Charlie Kyle's Schottische (notation)

47. Charlie Kyle's 2nd Schottische (notation)

48. Gervasoni Schottische No 1 (notation)

49. Jackson Knox's Schottische No 3 (notation)

50. Miss Drummond Of Perth (notation)

51. Paddy's Schottische (notation)

52. Phyllis McCoy's Schottische (notation)

53. Rita Baker Schottische No 1 (notation)

54. Rita Baker Schottische No 2 (notation)

55. Schaefer's Schottische (notation)

56. Stan Treacy's "Surprise" Schottische (notation)

57. Chris Bossy's Waltz (notation)

58. Echuca Waltz (notation)

59. Gervasoni Waltz No 1 (notation)

60. Gervasoni Waltz No 2 (notation)

61. Gervasoni Waltz No 3 (notation)

62. Helen's Heart Waltz (notation)

63. Jacko's Home Sweet Home Waltz (notation)

64. Just As The Sun Goes Down (notation)

65. Lawrie Cobley's Cattle Lullaby (notation)

66. Lost Love Waltz (notation)

67. Bill Cooper's Merry-Go-Round Waltz (notation)

68. Mr Emmett's Waltz (notation)

69. Peek-a-boo Waltz (notation)

70. Schaefer's Waltz (notation)

71. Warracknabeal Waltz (notation)

72. When I Went To Germany (notation)

73. Gervasoni Waltz No 6 (notation)