NFF Book 2010 Tunes

Listed below are recordings of each of the tunes from the "NFF Book 2010", played by Greg O'Leary (unless tagged otherwise). Each tune has a link to the mp3 file on the name, and an inline audio player for that tune (provided you have a recent browser with support for this).

1. Frank Forde's 2nd Set Tune (notation)

2. Jeff Conroy's 1st Set Tune (notation)

3. Don's Boat Tune (notation)

4. Gundy's Set Tune (notation)

5. Jacko's 1st Kiama Hornpipe (notation)

6. Mark Walters Set Tune (notation)

7. Joe Yates Unknown Reel (notation)

8. Royal Princess Two Step (1968) (notation)

9. Schaefer's Half Figure (notation)

10. Step It Out Mary (notation)

11. The Steampacket Hornpipe (notation)

12. The Sword Dance (notation)

13. Tennessee Shuffle (notation)

14. We Will Roll The Old Chariot Along (notation)

15. Dad's Jig (notation)

16. Don McBain's Jig (notation)

17. Frank Collins' No 1 Jig (notation)

18. Frank Collins' No 4 Jig (notation)

19. Frank Forde's 2nd Jig (notation)

20. I Want to Go Home Again (notation)

21. Somebody Loves Me (notation)

22. The Shoemakers Fancy (notation)

23. Uncle Dave's Jig (notation)

24. Welcome To Charlie (notation)

25. Barney Sell Your Fiddle and Buy Your Wife a Dress (notation)

26. Joe Yates Cadrill (notation)

27. Pegleg Hornpipe (notation)

28. Going Courting (notation)

29. Take Your Boots Off and Go to Bed John (notation)

30. Bill Case's Heel and Toe Polka (notation)

31. Booligal Polka (notation)

32. Richmond Polka (notation)

33. School Polka No 2 (notation)

34. Uncle Dave's Polka (notation)

35. Lollipop Schottische (notation)

36. Manchester Hornpipe (notation)

37. Mick Pilley's Barn Dance (notation)

38. Mick Pilley's Schottische (notation)

39. Uncle Charlie's Schottische (notation)

40. Frank Forde's 1st Varsovienna (notation)

41. Dad's Waltz (Frank Forde) (notation)

42. Gundy's Waltz (notation)

43. New Mexico Waltz (notation)

44. Passing Shadows (notation)

45. Red River Waltz (notation)

46. Sunshine Waltz (notation)

47. Uncle Ned's Waltz (notation)

48. Viennese Nights (notation)

49. Wehla Waltz (notation)

50. Wendy Anne (notation)