NFF Book 2013 Tunes

Listed below are recordings of each of the tunes from the "NFF Book 2013", played by Greg O'Leary (unless tagged otherwise). Each tune has a link to the mp3 file on the name, and an inline audio player for that tune (provided you have a recent browser with support for this).

1. Dad's Favourite (notation)

2. Frank Forde's 1st Set Tune (notation)

3. Hare and Heather (notation)

4. The Mill Belongs to Sandy (notation)

5. Wa La Wop A Ping (notation)

6. Le A Le A La (notation)

7. Father's Last September Piggle Nor (notation)

8. Watermelon Vine (notation)

9. Sydney Flash (notation)

10. The Crooked Stovepipe (notation)

11. The Shotgun (notation)

12. Tickets Please (notation)

13. Banjo Boy (notation)

14. Edgar Lacey's Set Tune (notation)

15. Edgar Lacey's Jig (notation)

16. Eileen McCoy's Old Rocking Chair Jig (notation)

17. John Barleycorn (notation)

18. Harry McQueen's Set Tune (notation)

19. Little Burnt Potato (notation)

20. Miss McGregor's Daughter (notation)

21. Ted Ward's Jig (notation)

22. The Old Arrow Inn (notation)

23. Slow Six Eight (notation)

24. Frank Forde's Mazurka (notation)

25. Gordon Lyall's Mazurka (notation)

26. Jacko's Home Sweet Home Mazurka (notation)

27. Ma Seal's Mazurka (notation)

28. Albert Hall Polka Mazurka (notation)

29. Bert Bretz's Heel and Toe Polka (notation)

30. Cecil Chapman's Dad's Polka (notation)

31. George Davis' Heel and Toe Polka (notation)

32. Harry Cotter's Polka (notation)

33. Harry Cotter's See Saw Polka (notation)

34. Autumn Leaves (notation)

35. Brummy Hall's Schottische (notation)

36. Harry McQueen's Two Step (notation)

37. Jacko's 2nd Kiama Hornpipe (notation)

38. Ma Seal's Schottische (notation)

39. Natalie Guy's Schottische (notation)

40. Old Drury (notation)

41. Ollie Watt's Schottische (notation)

42. Ten Pretty Girls (notation)

43. The Irish Hornpipe (notation)

44. The Old Pipe Trick (notation)

45. The Spanish Cavalier (notation)

46. Charlie Batchelor's Varsovienna (notation)

47. Frank Forde's 1st Varsovienna (notation)

48. Mick Pilley's Varsovianna (notation)

49. The Ham Family Varsovianna (notation)

50. Bennett's Waltz (notation)

51. Come Love And Meet Me In The Shadow Of The Pines (notation)

52. Crimson Rosella Waltz (notation)

53. Ehren On The Rhine (notation)

54. For Love of Lorrie (notation)

55. Goondawindi Waltz (notation)

56. Harry Reeves' Waltz (notation)

57. Molly Malone (notation)

58. Ralph Marwood's Waltz (notation)

59. Sweeping the Snow From the Door (notation)

60. Battle of the Somme (notation)