NFF Book 2015 Tunes

Listed below are recordings of each of the tunes from the "NFF Book 2015", played by Greg O'Leary (unless tagged otherwise). Each tune has a link to the mp3 file on the name, and an inline audio player for that tune (provided you have a recent browser with support for this).

1. Forget Your Cares and Woes (notation)

2. Moylan Bros of Bluff Rock (notation)

3. Ernie Goodman's Dad's Jig (notation)

4. The Captain with his Whiskers (notation)

5. Petty Goat (notation)

6. High Low Loopy (notation)

7. Rita Croker's Set Tune (notation)

8. Pumpkin Scones (notation)

9. All the Blue Bonnetts are over the Border (notation)

10. Doris Merrill's Irish Washerwoman (notation)

11. Frank Collins' Cadrill Tune (notation)

12. George Yate's Jig (notation)

13. Lindsay Carr's Lead-up to the 1st Set (notation)

14. Oyster Girls (notation)

15. Paddy Get Out of the Ashes (notation)

16. Rita Troutman's Gypsy Tap (notation)

17. The Hut That's Upside Down (notation)

18. The Wedding at Ballypallen (notation)

19. Turondale BD (notation)

20. Wattle Jig (notation)

21. The White Sand of Caloundra (notation)

22. March of the Cabrettaires (notation)

23. Daisy Sutton's Polka Mazurka (notation)

24. Jim French's Waltz Mazurka (notation)

25. The Rich Mazurka (notation)

26. Rita's Croker's Waltz Mazurka (notation)

27. Bruce Smith's Polka (notation)

28. Conjewai Polka (notation)

29. George Large's Polka (notation)

30. Gum Blossoms Polka (notation)

31. Rakes Polka (notation)

32. Alan Offa's Schottische (notation)

33. Athol's Father's Schottische (notation)

34. Boxers Creek (notation)

35. Frank Forde's Schottische (notation)

36. Bullfrog Hop (notation)

37. Fred Holland's Schottische (notation)

38. Goodbye Katie Schottische (notation)

39. Gundy's 1st Barndance (notation)

40. Gundy's 2nd Barndance (notation)

41. Hughie Martin's Schottische (notation)

42. Mick Pilley's 1st Schottische (notation)

43. Mick Pilley's 3rd Schottische (notation)

44. Schaefer's Barndance (notation)

45. Schaefer's Favourite (notation)

46. The Donkey Ate My Old Straw Hat (notation)

47. The Lyrebird Schottische (notation)

48. The Mountain Belle Schottische (notation)

49. Waratah Schottische (notation)

50. Bill Gilbert's Varsoviana No.2 (notation)

51. Kath McCaughy's Varsovianna No 1 (notation)

52. Bill Large's 2nd Waltz (notation)

53. The Black Mask (notation)

54. Copenhagen Waltz (notation)

55. Dreams of Golden Days (notation)

56. Flower Of The Highlands (notation)

57. Harry Schultz's Waltz (notation)

58. Ironbark Waltz (notation)

59. Jim French's Waltz (notation)

60. Katia Waltz (notation)

61. Mocking Bird Hill (notation)

62. The Little One Waltz Step Tune (notation)