NFF Book 2020 Tunes

Listed below are recordings of each of the tunes from the "NFF Book 2020", played by the tagged artist. Each tune has a link to the mp3 file on the name, and an inline audio player for that tune (provided you have a recent browser with support for this).

1. Annabella (notation)

2. Antonio the Ice Cream Man (notation)

3. Baby Blue (notation)

4. Ben Bolt (notation)

5. Bobbing Joan (Em) (notation)

6. Bobbing Joan (Gm) (notation)

7. Bonnie Scotland (Waltz) (notation)

8. Charlie Doran's Original Barn Dance (notation)

9. Cock of the North (notation)

10. Darling Nellie Gray (notation)

11. Dulcian Waltz (notation)

12. Ernie Goodman's Waltz (notation)

13. Fair Fair With Golden Hair (notation)

14. Forty Thieves (notation)

15. Four-Step Schottische (notation)

16. He Played His Ukulele as the Ship Went Down (notation)

17. Hilarity (notation)

18. Isobelle's Waltz (notation)

19. Joe Cashmere's Waltz Cotillion (notation)

20. Joe Delaney, 5th Fig, 1st Set (notation)

21. Johnny up the Orchard (notation)

22. Judy Callaghan (notation)

23. Kiama 2 (notation)

24. Laang Barn Dance (notation)

25. Listen to the Mocking Bird (notation)

26. Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane (notation)

27. Max's Waltz (notation)

28. Me Smokey Smokey (notation)

29. Michael Wiggins (notation)

30. Midnight Waltz (notation)

31. Mrs Corry's Polka Mazurka (notation)

32. My Old Fiddle and I (notation)

33. Nancy Dawson (notation)

34. Norm McConnell's Mazurka (notation)

35. Off She Goes (notation)

36. Omai (notation)

37. Orphan Boy Waltz (notation)

38. Paddy Carey (notation)

39. Phillip's Dog (notation)

40. Ray Doran's "Jig" (notation)

41. The Recruiting Officer (notation)

42. Salamanca Castanets (notation)

43. Silly Old Man (notation)

44. Sir David Hunter Blair's Reel (notation)

45. Squeezebox Polka (notation)

46. Standing Stones Polka (notation)

47. Swab the Decks (notation)

48. Swedish Dance (notation)

49. Tomorrow Is Gone (notation)

50. Transit of Venus (notation)

51. Trip to Ottahite (notation)

52. Westlyne Waltz (notation)

53. What a Wonderful Place is Australia (notation)

54. Working on the Railroad (notation)

55. Young May Moon (notation)