Across the Sea to Erin

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T:Across the Sea to Erin
% NFF Book 2014
S:collected by Harry Schaefer, Forbes, NSW
S:Harry Schaefer Manuscripts, held in the NLA
S:Rob Willis Collection, NLA
N:Older versions:
N:- VMP, Rev R Harrison MS, No 359, (1815), as "John of Paris"
N:- VMP, Joshua Gibbons MS, No 163, (1823), as "John of Paris"
N:- VMP, George Spencer MS, No 18, (1831), as "John Of Paris"
N:- VMP, Lionel Winship MS, No 117, (1833), as "John of Paris"
N:- VMP, Wm Clarke (of Feltwell) MS, No 151, (1820-50), as "John of Paris"
N:- VMP, W.H.Giles MS, No 44, (1840), as "John of Paris"
N:- VMP, R.Dalton MS, No 109, (1841), as "John of Paris"
N:- Kerr's, v.1 No 219, (c.1875), as "John of Paris"
N:- Kerr's, v.3 No 392, (c.1880), as "Should Our Praise of Britain's Isle"
N:- O'Neill's, O'Neill's Music of Ireland, V.9, No 1826, (1903), as "The New School"
N:- VMP, Fiddler's Tune Book, No 192, (1952) as "John of Paris"
O:Australia, NSW, Forbes
|:"G"B2B BAB|d2B BAB|"C"c2eg2e|"G"d2B BAB|"D7"c2A AGA|"G" B2G GFG|"D7"A2ed2c|BAF "G"G3:|
|:"G"d2c Bcd|"C"e2f g2a|"G"b2a gfe|d2c Bcd|"C"e2e ecA|"G"d2d dBG|1"Am"c2A "G"B2G|"D7"A2G FED:|2"D7"A2ed2c|BAF "G"G3||

Across the Sea to Erin - played by Greg O'Leary

Additional Information

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