Backblock Shearer

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T:Backblock Shearer
% NFF Book 2008
S:collected from Morrie Gierisch, Swan Hill, Vic
S:Peter Ellis Collection, NLA
B:Peter Ellis, "The Waltz, The Polka and All Kinds of Dance Music", p230, 2007
N:Morrie now plays this tune as a waltz as well as in 6-8 and often
N:does it as an item switching from one time signature to the other.
N:I think Morrie thinks the waltz is the Irish antecedant of Home Sweet Home,
N:(which is isn't) but possibly got it from Alan Musgrove's CD where I
N:think one of the Omeo performers sings it as a waltz. The tune is
N:"Castle Gardens", from Ireland. The original is in 4-4, but Edgar Waters would
N:say it's really originally come to Ireland from an English broadsheet.
N:This whole blurb just summarises what the folk process is all about.  Peter Ellis
O:Australia, Vic, Swan Hill
"G"e2d BdB|G2Bd2B|dedc2B|"D7"A3-A2G|F2GA2B|c2df2e|d^cde2d|"G"B3-B2d|
"G"e2d BdB|G2Bd2B|dedc2B|"D7"A3-A2G|F2GA2B|c2d f2e|d^cd=c2A|"G"G3-G2z||

Backblock Shearer - played by Greg O'Leary

Additional Information

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