Bert Jamieson's Beauty No 3

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T:Bert Jamieson's Beauty No 3
% NFF Book 2009
S:collected from Bert Jamieson, Adaminaby, NSW
S:Rob Willis Collection, NLA
Z:transcribed & arranged by Dave Johnson
H:Rob Willis sent them to me directly with a note that he didn't
H:think anyone had done anything with them. I named the set
H:Bert's Beauty. Bert didn't ascribe names to most of his tunes.
H:At the end of recording Bert's playing Rob obviously recognised
H: "it" as a good tune when on the tape he declared "That's a beauty!".
H:When I transcribed them I recognised that there were actually
H:3 distinct tunes being run together. Bert played them all on
H:a G mouthorgan and played straight through ABABAB with the
H:last B being 16 bars. Whether Bert played for a dance that needed
H:56 bars or whether he just played the abbreviated version to save
H:breath is open to conjecture. - Dave Johnson
O:Australia, NSW, Adaminaby
|:"D"afd AFA|"G"Bcd "A7"A3|"D"afd AFA|"G"Bcd "A7"e3|
"D"afd AFA|"G"Bcd "D"AFA|"G"Bcd "A7"edc|"D"d3-d3:|
"D"D2F A2A|"G"BcB "D"A2F|D2 F AGF|"A7"G2E EGE|
"D"D2F A2A|"G"BcB "D"A2F|"A7"ABA G2E|"D"D3 D3|
"D"D2F A2A|"G"BcB "D"A2F|"A7"A2G E2G|"Bm"B2A F2A|
"D"D2F A2A|"G"BcB "D"A2F|"A7"ABA GFE|"D"DFAd3||

Bert Jamieson's Beauty No 3 - played by Greg O'Leary

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