Bit of Blarney (A)

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T:A Bit of Blarney
% NFF Book 2019
C:J Fred Helf (1870 - 1915)
S:from the playing of Jim Seymour, Taralgon, Vic
S:collected by Norm O'Connor & Pat O'Connor, for the Folk Lore Society of Victoria
S:recorded by John Paton
S:tape made for the New Theater, Melbourne
S:digital master available NLA
Z:arranged by Greg O'Leary
B:Published by Sol Bloom, New York, 1904
R:Two Step
f2e2|:"Bm"d2B^AB2BA|B2z2 Bc dB|"F#m"c2FEF4|c2FEF2ed|
"A7"c2A^GA2AG|A2A^G AB ce|"Bm"d2B^AB4|d2B^AB2fe|
d2B^AB2BA|B2B^A Bc dB|"F#m"c2FEF4|c2FEF2cB|
"G"d2B^AB2BA|B2B^A Bc dB|"F#m"c2FEF4|c2FEF2cB|

A Bit of Blarney - played by Greg O'Leary

Additional Information

Additional information may be available on the following people or organisations associated with the collection of this tune:
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