Brady's Lookout in 1825

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T:Brady's Lookout in 1825
% NFF Book 2019
C:Alexander Laing (1792-1868), Hobart, Tas
B:Alexander Laing manuscript (1863), Tasmanian State Archives, p47
N:This tune contains elements of "Pop Goes The Weasel", a dance and tune
N:popularised in England in 1852-53.
O:Australia, Tas, Hobart
d|"G"g2d gab|d2B G2d|"C"cde ecA|"G"GBd D2d|g2d gab|d2BG2d|"C"cag "D7"fef |"G"g3g2d|
"C" cag "D7"fef|"G"gab d2B|"C"c2A"D7"f2a|"G"b3g2d|"C"cag "D7"fef|"G" gab d2B|"C"cde edc|"D"d3d2d|
"G"g2d gab|d2BG2d|"C"cde ecA|"G"GBdD2d|g2d gab|d2BG2d|"C"Aag "D7"fef|"G"g3g2||

Brady's Lookout in 1825 - played by Greg O'Leary