Country Waltz (A)

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T:A Country Waltz
% NFF Book 2017
S:from the playing of Lionel O'Keefe, Qld fiddler
S:collected by Greg O'Leary
N:This tune also collected from the Kurtz family, Mudgee, NSW, by 
N:John Meredith, see FSA Vol 2, pg.214
O:Australia, Qld
FE|"D"D2F2A2|A3G FE|D2F2Ad|B2A2ef|"G"g2e2eg|"D"f2d2df|"Em7"ef ed cB|"A7"AB AG FE|
"D"D2F2A2|A3G FE|D2F2Ad|B2A2ef|"G"g2e2eg|"D"f2d2df|"Em" e2B2"A7"c2|"D"d4Ad||
"D"f3e (3dcB|A3G FE|D2F2Ad|B2A2ef|"G"g3f ed|"A7"c3 d cB|A2c2e2|"G"b2"D"a2"A7"(3gag|
"D"f3e (3dcB|A3G FE|D2F2Ad|B2A2ef|"G"g3f ed|"A7"c3 d cB|A2B2c2|"D"d4z2||

A Country Waltz - played by Greg O'Leary

Additional Information

Additional information may be available on the following people or organisations associated with the collection of this tune:
| Greg O'Leary | Lionel O'Keefe |