Craigielee March

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T:Craigielee March
% NFF Book 2023
% Bush Traditions recording played by Leon Conway
C:Thomas Edward Bulch (1862-1930)
N:Arranged by Dave De Santi, Feb 1996
H:Played at the Warnambool Races, April, 1894
G>A|"G"B3c| "D"A3B|"Em"G2B2|"C"E2G2|"G"DG3| B2GB|d2 cB|"D7"A2 G>A|!
"G"B3c|"D"A3B|"Em"G2B2|"C"E2G2|"G"D2 GB|d3B|"D7"AG AB|"G"G2 Bc|!
"G"d3e|d2B2|"C"g3f|"(G)"e2d2|"G"d3e|ed cB|"D7"B2A2|A2 Bc|!
"G"d2B2|c2d2|"C"e2f2|g3e|"G"d3B|d3B|"D7"AG AB|"G"G2:|
%%begintext align
The Craigielee forms part of the "Waltzing Matilda" story. The tune
is based James Barr's composition (1818) "Thou Bonnie Woods of
Craigielee". It is not known how or when Thomas Bulch obtained a
copy of James Barr's composition but Bulch's orchestration for brass
band was played at the Warrnambool Races in April 1894 by the
Warrnambool Garrison Artillery Band. Christina Macpherson heard the
tune and later played a version of it for Banjo Paterson at Winton,
in August 1895.

Craigielee March - played by Leon Conway