De Boatman Dance

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T:De Boatman Dance
% NFF Book 2019
C:Daniel Decatur Emmett (1815 -1904)
Z:transcribed by Greg O'Leary
H:Tune composed C.1832
N:This one of many tunes that made it across the Pacific to Australia.
N:This tune became popular in the 1830s. Arron Copeland (1843) used it as part
N:of his Appalacian suite.
N:It is known to have been performed on stage in Melbourne in 1952 by Ranier's
N:Ethiopian Minstrels who toured the Eastern seaboard.
N:Original and reprinted scores can be found online by searching for "The Boatman Dance"
B||"G"BB "D"AF|"G"BB "D"A>B|"G"BB "D"AF|AA F2|"G"BB "D"AF|"G"BB "D"A>B|"G"AA "D"A/A/F|AAF2||
"D"F>D EF|A3z|F>D "A7"EF|"D"D3z|FF EF/G/|AA DD/E/|FA/A/ "A7"EF/F/|"D"D3D||
||"G"d2dd|ed (BA)|"D"D/F/B/A/ FA|"A7"EF "D"Dz|"G"d2dd|ed (BA)|"D"D/F/B/A/ FA|"A7"EF "D"Dz||

De Boatman Dance - played by Greg O'Leary

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