Gervasoni Waltz No 4

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T:Gervasoni Waltz No 4
% NFF Book 2017
S:collected from Maurie Gervasoni, Yandoit, Vic
S:collected by Peter Ellis & Harry Gardner
S:Peter Ellis Collection, NLA
H:The Gervasoni family referred to all the waltzes as Cling's Waltzes.
H:The 4th was known as Cling's Quattro.
H:Cling was their way of saying Cahling. Cahling means son of Carl. Peter Ellis.
B:Peter Ellis, "The Waltz, The Polka and All Kinds of Dance Music", 2007, p66
O:Australia, Vic, Yandoit
GG|"G"G2B2d2|e4dc|"D7"d4c2|F4 (3EFE|D2F2A2|d4-dd|c2B2A2|"G"G4EF|
"D7"f3e cA|f3e cA|"G"(3efe d2d2|B4dd|"D7"(3dgd c2c2|A4c2|"G"eed2d2|B4d2|
"D7"f3e cA|f3e cA|"G"(3efe d2d2|B4d2|(3dgd B2d2|"D7"f4(3efe|d2e2f2|"G"g4||

Gervasoni Waltz No 4 - played by Greg O'Leary

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