Harry Cotter's Jig

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T:Harry Cotter's Jig
% NFF Book 2006
C:Charles Kinkel, Published 1854 as "Mountain Belle Schottische"
S:collected from Harry Cotter, Binalong, NSW
S:collected by Colin McJannett
Z:arranged by David Johnson
H:This tunes was used by Cotter as "Harry Cotter's Schottische No 1"
N:This tune was also collected by: 
N: - Alan Musgrove, from Lola Wright as "The Mountain Belle Schottische"
N: - Alan Musgrove, from Frank Forde, as "Mountain Belle Schottische"
N: - Peter Ellis, from Maurie Gervasoni as "Gervasoni Schottische No 2", NLA Bib ID: 2199248
N: - Peter Ellis, from Harry McQueen, as "White Pipe Clay is the Best Pipe Clay"
N: - Peter Ellis, from Keith Klippel, Tallangatta, Vic, as "Mrs McNamara's Schottische"
N: - Alan Scott, from Mr MacMillan by Alan Scott, NLA Bib ID: 711470, as "MacMillan's Schottische"
N: - the Bush Music Club, from Sally Sloane, in Singabout, Dec 1990, "Mountain Belle"
N: - See also part A of the 'Claude Roads Schottische'.
B:David Johnson, "Bush Dance", The Bush Music Club, 2001, p41
O:Australia, NSW, Binalong
B2c|:"G"d2b a2g|"D7"f2a gfe|"G"d3B3|B2A G2B|1
"D7"d3c3|c2B A2c|"G"e3d3|d3B2c:|2

Harry Cotter's Jig - played by Greg O'Leary

Additional Information

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