Kangaroo Barn Dance

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T:Kangaroo Barn Dance
% NFF Book 2017
C:Paula Zeloff (?) & Laura Lemon (1866-1924),
S:Peter Ellis Collection, NLA
B:turn of the C19th dance album, NLA ID:MUS N mbb 786.2 Z52
B:"Flag of the Empire" by Felix Burns (1864 - 1920),
B:Peter Ellis, "Collector's Choice, Vol 1", Victorian Folk Music Club Inc., 1986, p89, ISBN 0959826920
R:Barn Dance
P:Part A
(3EF^F|"C"G>e d>c G>^F G>^G|"Dm"A>f e>d A>^G A>^A|"G7"B2a2a2a2|"C"a>g ^f>ag2 (3EF^F|
"C"G>e d>c G>^F G>^G|"Dm"A>f e>d A>^G A>^A|"G7"B2a2a2g2|(3bag (3fed"C"c2:|
P:Part B
|:(3EF^F|"C"G>e G>^G "F"A>f A>G|"C"G<eG4 (3EF^F|G>e c>G "D7"^F>e d>A|"C"c2"G"B2"Dm"A2"G"_A2|
"C"G>e G>^G "F"A>f A>G|"C"G<eG2-G>^F G>^G|"Dm"A>^G A>d "G7"B>A G>d|1"C"c6:|2"C"c6z2||
P:Part C
|:"F"C4F2-F>C|"Bb"D>F E>D"F"C4|"Bb"D>F B>d "F" c>A G>F|"G7"G>=B e>d "C7"(3c_BG (3ED_D|
"F"C4F2-F>C|"Bb"D>F E>D"F"C4|"Bb"D>F B>d "F" c>A G>F|"G7"(3DEF "C7"E>G "F"F4:|
P:Part D
|:{a}"Dm"a>a g>f "A7"e4|{A}g>g f>e "Dm"d4|"Bb"(3d^cd (3fed "F"=c>d e>f|"G7"a>g f>d "C7"g4|
{A}"Dm"a>a g>f "A7"e4|{A}g>g f>e "Dm"d4|"Bb"(3d^cd (3fed "F"=c>d e>f| "C7"a>g e>c "F"f4:|

Kangaroo Barn Dance - played by Greg O'Leary

Additional Information

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