Lady Gipps Polka

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T:Lady Gipps Polka
% NFF Book 2017
C:F Ellard, 1858
Z:transcribed by Greg O'Leary
H:This tune was composed in honour of Lady Gipps, the wife of Sir George Gipps, 
H:Governor of NSW, 1838-1846
B:The Australian ladies : a collection of national country dances /​ 
B:Frederick Ellard ; ed. and orch. Richard Divall. 
D:Victoria Symphony Orchestra, Millenium recording of Australian C19th composers.
O:Australia, Vic, Melbourne
A/G/|:"D"Fd/B/ Af/e/|dd dc/d/|"A7"ee d/c/B/c/|"D"d/c/d/e/ f"A7"A/G/|
"D"Fd/B/ Af/e/|dd dc/d/|"A7"ee d/c/B/c/|1"D" d"A7"f "D"dz:|2"D"d"A7"f "D"dc/d/||
|:"A"ec/A/ af/d/|ee/c/ AA|"E7"G/A/B/c/ d/B/f/e/|"A"fe/^d/ ec/=d/|ec/A/ af/d/|ee/c/ AA|1
"E7"G/A/B/c/ d/B/G/E/|"A"AA/G/ Ac/d/:|2"E7"G/A/B/c/ d/e/f/g/|"A7"aa/g/ af/=g/||
|:"D"a3f|"G"ba gf|"A7"ee e/d/e/f/|"D"d/e/f/g/ af/g/|a3f|"G"ba gf|"A7"ee e/d/e/f/|1"D"d3z:|2"D"d3A/G/||
"D"Fd/B/ Af/e/|dd dc/d/|"A7"ee d/c/B/c/|"D"d/c/d/e/ f"A7"A/G/|
"D"Fd/B/ Af/e/|dd dc/d/|"A7"ee d/c/B/c/|"D" d"A7"f "D"dz||

Lady Gipps Polka - played by Greg O'Leary

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