Lawrie Cobley's Cattle Lullaby

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T:Lawrie Cobley's Cattle Lullaby
T:Watching the Cattle
% NFF Book 2007
S:collected from Lawry Cobley, Bawden's Bridge, NSW
S:collected by Dave de Hugard
Z:transcribed by Dave de Hugard
H:A cattle camp lullaby that cycles endlessly
N:Lawry Cobley was a fiddler & accordianist who lived at Bawden's Bridge
N:via Grafton NSW. He was recorded 1996/97.
O:Australia, NSW, Bawden's Bridge
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Lawrie Cobley was a Aboriginal cattle drover in Queensland. He played this tune on his harmonica to 
let the mob know where he was at night. It has an unusual repetitive and hypnotic melody.

Lawrie Cobley's Cattle Lullaby - played by Greg O'Leary

Additional Information

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