Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane

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T:Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane
% NFF Book 2020
C:Will S Hays, (1837 - 1907)
S:collected from Harry Cotter, Binalong, NSW
S:collected by Colin McJannett, NLA Bib ID: 7761051
Z:transcribed by Dave Johnson
N:This tune became a strong influence on many Australian songs, e.g. "Numeralla Shore"
B:David Johnson (Ed), "Bush Dance", p11,
B:James Kerr, "Merry Melodies", v4 p31 #290
O:Australia, NSW, Binalong
|:FG|"D"A2-AF/2A/2 BA FD|F<A Bc"G" d2 cB|"D"A2-AF/2A/2 BA GF|"A7"E6FG|
"D"A2-AF/2A/2 BA FD|F<A Bc "G"d2 cB|"A7"Ad cB AF EF|"D"D6:|
dd|"A7"ce ce c2-cB/2c/2|"D"dA FAD2EF|"G"G2-GA BA GF|"A7"E6FG|
"D"A2-AF/2A/2 BA FD|FA Bc "G"d2 cB|"A7"Ad cB AF EF|"D"D6||

Little Old Log Cabin in the Lane - played by Ray Mulligan

Additional Information

Additional information may be available on the following people or organisations associated with the collection of this tune:
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