Liza's Waltz

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T:Liza's Waltz
% NFF Book 2017
C:Louis Antoine Julian (pub 1847)
S:collected from Lindsay Carr, Mudgee, NSW
S:John Meredith Collection, NLA
H:This tune is a variant of 'The Olgo (Princess) Waltz', by Louis Antoine
H:Jullien, c1850 and 'Why Did My Sarah Sell Me', Musical Bouquet Pub. 1855,
H:a music hall song using the same name. (Dave de Hugard)
H:Other versions collected in Australia:
H: - by John Meredith from Joe Yates, Sofala, NSW, as "Why Did my Master Sell Me"
H: - by Harry Schaefer, Schaefer MS, John Meredith Collection, NLA, as "Why Did My Master Sell Me"
H: - by Alan Musgrove, from Tom Walsh, Trentham, Vc, NLA Bib ID 3765944, as "Why Did They Sell Killarney"
H: - by Dave de Hugard, from George Blackman, Stanhorpe, Qld, as "Why Did My Master Sell Me"
N:Older versions:
N: - Kerrs v.3 No 417 (c. 1880) as "Why did my Massa Sell Me"
N: - Tom Buchanan's Scottish Tomes, Slow Airs, no 787, as "Highland Cradle Song"
B:J Meredith, H Anderson, Folk Songs of Australia Vol 1, UNSW Press, 1967, p240
B:David Johnson, "Bush Dance", The Bush Music Club, 2001, p51
O:Australia, NSW, Mudgee
|"D"A2d2f2|a4b2|a6|"G"g4g2|"D"f2A2d2|f4 "A7"e2|"D"d6-|"D7"d4f2|

Liza's Waltz - played by Greg O'Leary

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