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Please note that this site is a preliminary prototype. The final site ***will*** be re-created from scratch, so don't expend effort on major changes to data here! Rather please give us feedback on what works and what doesn't to assist with the design of the actual site.

Welcome to the Australian Tradition Music Archive (test site), as a searchable collection of tunes in ABC Music Notation format (on this wiki), and associated supporting bio and documentary material (in the companion History Archive). This site is a repository for collected Australian Traditional Music, with the aim of making these tunes more widely available and used. The initial core of tunes come from the Bush Traditions' National Folk Festival Collections 2006-2015, compiled by Ray Mulligan.

You can Browse Tunes belonging various categories (key, meter, rhythm), or Find Tunes matching the specified category criteria.

If you are new here, please look at our Getting Started page for some guidance on exploring tunes, and on how registered users can add or edit tunes, on this site.

The site also allows you collect several tunes together into a Set (experimental).

Newest Tunes (Pages)

  1. Woodland Waltz
  2. Violet's Polka
  3. Miner (The)
  4. Stringybark Tree
  5. Policeman's Holiday
  6. My Polly
  7. Money in Both Pockets
  8. Mile End Assembly
  9. Ma Seal's Kreutz Polka
  10. Little Toy Soldier