New Parliament House Jig

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T:New Parliament House Jig
% NFF Book 2019
% Bush Traditions recording played by John Colville
C:John Colville, Toowoomba, Qld
N:I originally wrote this tune on melodeon for which I think it is
N:particularly suitable. I wrote the dance and the tune (1980) for a dance
N:composing competition that took place in Sydney and I'm pleased to
N:say it won. It's being danced in the US and the UK and has been
N:published by Cecil Sharp House in a book of the most popular dances
N:in London. Whilst I've made my living playing all kinds of music
N:I primarily see myself as a dance musician and enjoy playing for
N:good dancers. However, back then I was becoming disappointed with
N:the declining standard of dancing and dance music so decided to
N:compose a dance with lots of movement to be danced and played at
N:a more leisurely pace to encourage the dancers to dance with more
N:elegance. Each man has 2 partners so the music starts with 2 chords
N:so he can bow to each partner and the 48 bar tune is played 3
N:times to complete the whole sequence of the dance which is 3x48 bars.
N:I hope the Gathering goes well and please say hello to everyone. Cheers
N:John Colville, 20 September 2018
B:Stringy Bark & Greenhide, Vol 2, No6, p16, article by John Colville
O:Australia, Toowoomba, Qld
|:GAG GBd|bab gdB|ceg dBG|dBG A2D|
GAG GBd|bab gdB|ceg dBG|ecF G2:|
|:B|ded gfe|ded dBG|ded gfe|dcB A2B|
ded gfe|ded dBG|ceg dBG|ecF G2:|
|:f|gfg gfe|ded dBG|gfg gfg|aba a2f|
gfg gfe|ded dBG|ceg dBG|ecF G3:|
|:ece gfe|ded dBG|ece gfe|dcB A3|
ece gfe|ded dBD|ceg dBG|ecF G3:|

New Parliament House Jig - played by John Colville