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% NFF Book 2020
% Bush Traditions recording played by Roland Clarke
C:Campbell, 1787 "Omai, A Trip 'Round the World"
S:The 'Convict Dance and Music Research Project' by Dr. Heather Blasdale-Clarke at QUT
Z:arranged by Roland Clarke, 2019
N:Omai was a Tahitian man. When Cook came past on his second voyage, Omai
N:asked to be taken along on his explorations and proved himself useful in
N:communicating with other islanders over the course of the Voyage.
H:Omai decided he would stay aboard ship once the voyage was over and visited 
H:England,where he became something of a celebrity figure. A play was written 
H:casting him as a Tahitian prince who traveled the world and had all kinds 
H:of adventures. This tune is from that play.
B:H.E Clarke, Social Dance and Early Australian Settlement, PhD Thesis, QUT, 2018
O:Australia, NSW, Sydney
"Dm"D>e "A"d^c "Dm"Ddde|"F"fdcA "C"FGEC|"Dm"ded^c Ddde|"F"fd f/e/d/^c/ "Dm"d2d2:|
|:"Dm"fd a/b/a/g/ "C"ec g/a/g/f/|"Dm"de/f/ g/f/ue/ud/ "A"^c/d/ue/uc/A2|"Dm"F>G FE Ddde|"F"fd"A"^cA"Dm"d2D2:|

Omai - played by Roland Clarke

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