Paddy Godden's Lancers Chain Away

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T:Paddy Godden's Lancers Chain Away
% NFF Book 2018
S:collected from Paddy Godden, Forbes, NSW
S:collected by Rob Willis
N:Set Tune used for the fifth figure of the Lancers Quadrille
O:Australia, New South Wales, Forbes
"G"DG GF|"C"cE E2|"G"DG GF|"C"cE E2|"D"Dd dc|"D7"Ec cB|"G"DB BA|"D7"EF "G"G2|
"G"DG GF|"C"cE z2|"G"DG GF|"C"cE z2|"D"Dd dc|"D7"Ec cB|"G"DB BA|"D7"EF "G"G2|
"Am"A3 G/2A/2|BA EA|BA EF|"G"G4|"Am"A3 G/2A/2|BA EA|BA EF|"G"G2 FE||

Paddy Godden's Lancers Chain Away - played by Greg O'Leary

Additional Information

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