Sally Sloane's Varsovienna

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T:Sally Sloane's Varsovienna
T:Golden Stream Varsovianna
% NFF Book 2018
S:collected from Sally Sloane, Lithgow, NSW
S:John Meredith Collection, NLA; Bib ID 321624
N:Other versions:
N:- VMP, Wm Irwin, Folio MS, No 90, (c.1850), as "Golden Stream Varsoviana"
N:- VMP, Kerr's, v.4, No 412, (c.1880), as "Golden Stream Varsoviana"
N:- Harry Schaefer Ms, (1876 - 1954) Forbes, NSW, as "Golden Stream"
N:Part B was collected from:
N:- Eileen McCoy, (Gunns Valley, Tas) as "Eileen McCoy's No 1 Varsovianna"
N:- Harry Cotter (Binalong, NSW), as "Harry Cotter's Varsovianna"
B>c|"G"d2 c2 A2|G4 B>c|d2 g2 f2|"C"e4 f>g|
"D"a2 g2 (3efe|"G"d4 c>B|"D"c2 A2 F2|"G"G4:|
g2|"D"fe c2 e2|"G"dB G2 BG|"D"c2 A2 e2|"G"d4 g2|
"D"fe c2 e2|"G"dB GA BG|"D"c>A F2 A2|"G"G4:|

Sally Sloane's Varsovienna - played by Ian Hayden

Additional Information

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