Sir David Hunter Blair's Reel

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T:Sir David Hunter Blair's Reel
% NFF Book 2020
% Bush Traditions recording played by Roland Clarke
C:attr. John French (1753-1803)
S:The 'Convict Dance and Music Research Project' by Dr. Heather Blasdale-Clarke at QUT
Z:arranged by Roland Clarke, 2019
B:Wm. Litten MS, 1802
Z:Village Music Project 2017 Anne Wride
B:Chas & Sam Thompson "Twenty Four Country Dances for the Year 1802", London 1802,
B:Thomas Wilson - A Companion to the Ball Room (London, 1816, p94)
B:John Buttrey MS, poss. Lincolnshire, early C19th, No 500
Z:Village Music Project. Ruairidh Greig. 2019
B:W. Hamilton "Universal Tune-Book" Vol. 1 Glasgow 1844 p103 #1
B:Alexander Laing manuscript (1863), Tasmanian State Archives, p23
B:James Kerr "Merry Melodies" v1 p17 s1 #2
"F"f2c>d|c>d c>d|c>fa2|c>fa2|"C7"b2g>a|g>a g>a|g>f e>f|{a}g>ec2:|
|:"F"a>ff2|cf Ac|FA cf|"C"e>gg2|"F"a>ff2|cf Ac|FA cf|"C"g>e"F"f2:|

Sir David Hunter Blair's Reel - played by Roland Clarke

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