Sunshine Waltz

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T:Sunshine Waltz
% NFF Book 2010
C:Arthur Bowley
S:collected by Dave De Santi
B:"The Tunes of Arthur Bowley", p6, compiled by David De Santi,
B:Pioneer Performer Series, Carrawobbity Press, 1992
O:Australia, NSW, Merrymount
N:for St Bernard Waltz
EF^F|:"C"G3c d^d|"Am"e3c Bc|"Dm"A4B2|"G"G3E F^F|"C"G3A Bc|d3c BA|"G7"f6-|f6|
"A7"e3d ^cd|g4e2|"D7"d4e2|c6|B3A ^GA|e4^d2|"G7"d6-|d3E F^F|
"C"G3c d^d|"Am"e3c Bc|"Dm"A4B2|"G"G3E F^F|"C"G3c de|d3c de|"F"A6-|"Dm"A6|
f4A2|"G"A4f2|"C"e4G2|"Am"G3^F G^G|"D7"A3^G A^A|"G"B4G2|1"C"c6-|c3E F^F:|2"C"c6-|c6||

Sunshine Waltz - played by Greg O'Leary

Additional Information

Additional information may be available on the following people or organisations associated with the collection of this tune:
| Dave De Santi |