Teddy Creighton's Step Dance

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T:Teddy Creighton's Step Dance
% NFF Book 2009
S:collected from Stan Treacy, Goulburn, NSW
S:collected by Dave de Hugard
N:Recorded 25th May 1982, Crookwell, NSW
H:This is a version of Fisher's Hornpipe, a traditional tune dating from around 1770.
H:Fisher's Hornpipe was one of the really popular hornpipes and was well known
H:in Canada and Australia. My understanding is that Ted (a shearer?) was a step-dancer
H:and not a musician. He always requested that Stan play for him when he danced
H:rather than other fiddler/musicians because Stan had such good 'timing' as a player.
H:The version in Meredith's 2nd volume (Item 68 p.73) was put together from bits and pieces
H:that Stan was remembering at the time and this is probably the reason it is such an
H:inferior version, at least he didn't play it like that for me. - Dave De Hugard
O:Australia, NSW, Goulburn
R:Step Dance
|:"A"edce e2a2|"D"fdAd f2f2|"A"ecAc e2ef|"E"edcB "A"A2d2|
"G"BGDG B2B2|"D"AFDF A2A2|"A"AdcB AGFE|1"D"D2d2 d2e2:|2"D"D2d2 d2A2||
"D"dAAF "G"GBAG|"D"FDFD "G"GBBB|"A7"Aaaa agec|"D"d2d2 d2A2||
"D"dAAF "G"GBAG|"D"FDFD "G"GBBB|"A7"Aaaa agec|"D"d2d2 d4||

Teddy Creighton's Step Dance - played by Greg O'Leary

Additional Information

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