Tripping it Lightly

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T:Tripping it Lightly
% NFF Book 2009
S:collected from Tom Teal, Portland, Vic
S:Peter Ellis Collection, NLA
N:Tom Teal heard it on 3DB in the 1930s
N:This tune was also collected in Australia from:
N:- John McKinnon, Elkin South, Vic, in "Australian Traditional Dance Tunes" v.1, p105 as "Pop McKinnon's Schottische"
N:- Ted Vallance, St Arnaud, Vic, as "Berrimal Barn Dance"
B:Peter Ellis, The Waltz, The Polka and All Kinds of Dance Music, p141, 2007
O:Australia, Vic, Portland
R:Set Tune
(3FGB |"D"A>f e>dA2A2|"Em"B>g f>eB2B2|"A7"c>g (3ege B2c2|"D"d>c d>e A2 (3FGB|
A>f e>dA2A2|"Em"B>g f>eB2B2|"A7"c>g f>e B2c2|"D"d>A d>Ad4||
f>e f>ef2A2|"G"B2d2"D"A4|f>e f>ef2d2|"A7"c2d2e4|
g>f g>fg2e2|"D"f>e f>ef2d2|"Em"e>d e>fe2 (3Bcd|"A7"c2d2e4||
"D"f>e f>ef2A2|"G"B2d2"D"A4|(3fff f>ef2d2|"Em"g2f2"E7"B4|
"A7"(3ggg g>fg2e2|"D"(3fff f>ef2A>B|"A7"(3cec B>A g>f e>c|"D"d2"G"d2"D"d2||

Tripping it Lightly - played by Greg O'Leary

Additional Information

Additional information may be available on the following people or organisations associated with the collection of this tune:
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