Under the Willow No 2

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T:Under the Willow No 2
% NFF Book 2017
S:collected from John Warn, Crookwell, NSW
S:collected by John Meredith & Chris Sullivan
H:Crooked Corner is near Crookwell, NSW
H:The Crooked Corner Band had two tunes by this name.
H:According to Ian Baxter, currently a member of the band,
H:this one was referred to as number 2.
N:cf Wedderburn Oldtimers version, No 63 in NFF Book 2009
O:Australia, NSW, Crookwell
% Bush Traditions recording played by Ingrid Wangel
|:"G"B2 G2 G2|B2 G2 GB|"C"g2 f2 (3efe|"D7"d4 c2|"G"B2 d>B "C"c2|"G"B2 G4|1"Am"G2 c2 B2|"D7"A4 A>c:|2"D7"A2 F2 A2|"G"G4 d2||
"G"g2 d2 g2|"D7"f4 (3efe|"G"d2 g>d "C"e2|"D7"d4 c2|"G"B2 D2 D2|B2 D2 G2|B2 c2 B2|"D7"A4 e>f|
"G"g2 d2 g2|"D7"f4 (3efe|"G"d2 g>d "C"e2|"D7"d4 c2|"G"B2 G2 G2|"D7"c2 F2 A2|"G"G6-|G6||

Under the Willow No 2 - played by Ingrid Wangel

Additional Information

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