Athol's Father's Set Tune

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T:Athol's Father's Set Tune
T:Bill McCoy's Set Tune
% NFF Book 2006
S:collected from Eileen McCoy, Gunns Plains, Tasmania
B:"Tasmanian Dance Tunes" Jan 2000, compiled by Fred Pribac & Stuart Graham
O:Australia, Tas, Gunns Plains
F3G|"D"A2f2e2d2|"A7"c2e2d2cB|"D"AdFA D2F2|A6GG|
"A7"F2G2E2G2|c3cc2AA|B2A2F2 A2|"D"d3dd2AG|
"D"A2f2e2d2|"A7"c2e2d2cB|"D"AdFA D2F2|A6GG|

Athol's Father's Set Tune - played by Greg O'Leary

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