Autumn Leaves

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T:Autumn Leaves
% NFF Book 2013
S:from the playing of Frank Collins
S:John Meredith Collection, NLA, TRC 2221 C-15 and TRC 2221/48
Z:transcribed by Greg O'Leary
N:This tune is related to the "Minstrel's Fancy" which can be found in 
N:J S Kerr, Second Collection of Merry Melodies for the violin, No 368, Glasgow, UK, 1900, N40
|:AF|"D"DF Ad "G"BG Bd|"D"AF Adf2ag|"G"gf ge "A7"cA df|"D"ed cB "A7"AG FE|
"D"DF Ad "G"BG Bd|"D"AF Adf2ag|"G"gf ge "A7"cA de|"D"d2d2d2:|
|:ef|"G"gf ge "A7"cA Bc|"D"dc def2ef|!"G"gf ge "A7"cA df|"D"ed cB "A7"AG FE|
"D"DF Ad "G"BG Bd|"D"AF Adf2af|"G"gf ge "A7"cA de|"D"d2d2d2:|

Autumn Leaves - played by Greg O'Leary

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