Bill Large's 2nd Waltz

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T:Bill Large's 2nd Waltz
% NFF Book 2015
S:collected from Bill Large, Cooks Gap, NSW
S:collected by Brian Marshall, Mudgee
Z:transcribed by Brian Marshall, from cylinder recordings of Bill Large, ca 1911
H:The Bill Large tunes are from cylinder recordings of Bill Large (circa 1911) in
H:the private collection of Brian Marshall of Mudgee. Brian is a violin teacher and
H:a record collector and kindly transcribed the tunes for me. So the versions I
H:have given you, while close to Orley Benson's, are not the same. Bill Large was
H:from Cooks Gap about 15 miles west of Mudgee and is the father of Vic Large who
H:Meredith collected from. I have called it Bill Large's 2nd Waltz for the sake
H:of uniformity with Dave's. It was actually the 5th waltz in his medley. I hope
H:this clears things up. Alan Musgrove
O:Australia, NSW, Mudgee
A>d|"D"f2f2f>d|(3faf e2d2|A4A>B|(3AdA F2A>B|"A7"c4c>d|(3cec B2A2|G2F2E2|"D"F4A>d|
"D"f4f>d|(3faf e2d2|A2F2A>B|(3AdAF2A>B|"A7"c2c2c>B|c2f2e2|"D"d2-d>ed2|d4 A>F|:

Bill Large's 2nd Waltz - played by Greg O'Leary

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