Edgar Lacey's Set Tune

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T:Edgar Lacey's Set Tune
% NFF Book 2013
S:collected from Beverley Moore, Warrnambool,
S:collected by Rob Willis & John Harpley, NLA, ORAL TRC 3388/5
Z:transcribed by Angela Garland & John Harpley
N:Bev played it (the Set Tune) with a lovely touch, at a cracking pace, on a single row box and
N:she had a nice way of varying the tune by hanging onto some of the bars. The tune
N:seems to me to have a Scottish feel about it - Lacey was an associate of
N:John McKinnon another well-known dance musician from that area. (John Harpley Feb 2013)
O:Australia, Vic, Warnambool
R:Set Tune
F>G||"D"A2FG AG FG|A2f2e2d2|"Em"B2cd ed cB|"D"A8|"G"g2f2e2de|"D"f2e2d2Ad|"A7"c2c2"Em"B2B2|"D"A8|
"D"A2FG AG FG|A2f2e2d2|"Em"B2cd ed cB|"D"A8|"G"g2f2e2de|"D"f2e2d2Ad|"A"c2c2"Em"B2"A"c2|"D"d8||
|:"D"fd fde2f2|"G"g2g2"D"f2f2|"A"e2e2"Em"B2B2|"A"e6d2|c2c2B2c2|1"D"f4"A"e2cB|"D"A8-|A4e4:|2"D"f4"A"e2c2|"D"d8-|d6||

Edgar Lacey's Set Tune - played by Greg O'Leary

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