Eileen McCoy's Old Rocking Chair Jig

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T:Eileen McCoy's Old Rocking Chair Jig
T:Town of Cootehill
% NFF Book 2013
S:collected from Eileen McCoy
S:collected by Rob Willis & Fred Pribac, NLA, ORAL TRC 2980
Z:transcribed by Fred Pribac
H:It would appear that this tune has traveled from Ireland through Canada to Australia
S:'Tasmanian Dance Tunes', Cygnet FF workshop, by Fred Pribac & Stuart Graham
N:A jig which McCoy learned from Canadian Peter Mollerson
|:G|"C"EGE CDE|"F"FAF "Dm"D2c|"G7"BdB GAB|"C"cBA "G7"GzG|"C"EGE CDE|"F"FAF "Dm"D2c|"G7"BdB GAB|"C"cccc2:|
|:e/2f/2|"C"gcc "F"acc|"C"gcc cBc|"G7"B/2c/2dB GAB|1"C"cea "G7"g2:|2"C"cccc2:|3"last time"cGE[C3E3]|z3H[C3G3c3]||

Eileen McCoy's Old Rocking Chair Jig - played by Greg O'Leary

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