Girl With The Blue Dress On (The)

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T:The Girl With The Blue Dress On
% NFF Book 2017 (was named as "Fred Holland's Polka" but now updated)
H:Bob Ballantine, a Northumbrian whistle player who lived in central Victoria
H:for many years, played this as his signature tune.
H:This tune is based on the "The Kitty Schottische" composed by Charles D'Albert
H:Published by Woolcott and Clarke, Sydney Australia around 1855.
N:Variants of this tune were collected by John Meredith from Keith and Vince 
N:Holland as "Fred Holland's Polka", and from Bill Cooper as "Bill Cooper's Polka".
N:Chris Sullivan, Mark Rummery collected a version 
N:from Charlie Batchelor as "Harry's Polka". Other versions were collected.
B:Peter Ellis, "Collector's Choice, Vol 1", Victorian Folk Music Club Inc., 1986, p50
D:Bonny North Tyne 12TS239, Northumbrian Country Music
c/d/|"A"ec/e/ "E7"dB/d/|"A"cA A/G/A|"E7"BG G/F/G|"A"BA Ac/d/|
ec/e/ "E7"dB/d/|"A"cA A/G/A|"E7"BG G/F/G|"A"BAA2|
"A"Ac/e/ a>a|"D"gff2|"E7"GB/d/ g>g|"A"fee2|
Ac/e/ a>a|"D"gf f>a|"E7"gb f>g|"A"aaa||

The Girl With The Blue Dress On - played by Greg O'Leary