Golden Haired Girl

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T:Golden Haired Girl
% NFF Book 2022
% Bush Traditions recording played by Ian Hayden
S:collected from Sally Sloane, Lithgow, NSW
S:collected by John Meredith, NLA Bib ID: 4581820
F: - Sally Sloane on violin
Z:transcribed & arranged by Ian Hayden, 2022
GAB|:c2Bd2c | A2GE2G | c2Bd2c | A3c2d |
e2Gc2e | d2cA2B | c3-c3-|1c3 GAB:|2c3 G3||
e3-e2c | d2cc2A | G6-|G3 E2F|G2A B2c|d2dc3 | B3-B3- | B3GAB |
c3B3 |A3-A2A | c3B3 | A3 c2d | eG2c2e | d2cA2B | c3-c3- | c3z3|]
W:There was once a simple maiden, went to Sydney on a trip
W:And her golden hair was laying down her back.
W:Oh Jane, you never looked the same - since you left the village you were shy.
W:Alas and alack, she came back - with a nasty little twinkle in her eye!

Golden Haired Girl - played by Ian Hayden

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