Old Arrow Inn (The)

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T:The Old Arrow Inn
% NFF Book 2013
S:from the playing of Frank Collins, Goulburn
S:John Meredith Collection, NLA, TRC 2221 C-15 and ORAL TRC 221/48
Z:converted to abc by Ray Mulligan
N:It is two separate tunes.
N:The 3rd & 4th lines are "The Native" from the original Lancers music
N:It occurs as part of a medley on the collins recordings.
N:The naming of the tune is a bit of a mystery.
N:Meredith knew/called it The Arrow Inn.
N:Chris Sullivan thinks the Inn in question was called the 'Broad Arrow Inn'.
N:The Inn is on local maps of the time as the Harrow Inn.
N:The ruins of the Inn are still there, over the road from the Towrang Stockade
N:Info from Alan Musgrove, Feb 2013
H:This tune came via the Wollongong Folk Club
O:Australia, NSW, Goulburn
|:B|"D"BAA AGA|"G"BABd2B|"D"BAA AGA|"G"BdBG2B|"D"BAA AGA|"G"BABd2g|"D"faa "A7"age|"D"eddd2:|!
|:g|"D"fed "A7"eAA|"D"(3f/g/f/ed "A7"e2g|"D"fed "Em"edB|"D"BAA A2g|fed "A7"eAA|"D"(3f/g/f/ed "A7"e2g|"D"faa "A7"age|"D"eddd2:|!
|:F/G/|"D"ABA AFA|B2AA2F/G/|ABA ABA|"A7"G2E EFG|"D"ABA AFA|d2d efg|"D"fed "A7"ABc|"D"d2dd2:|!
|:g|"D"fed "Bm"fed|"A7"e2AA2g|"D"fed "Bm"fed|"A7"g2ee2g|"D"fed "Bm"fed|"Em"gfe "A7"a2a|"D"fed "A7"ABc|"D"d3d2:|

The Old Arrow Inn - played by Greg O'Leary

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